Your Complete Guide to Pakistani Wedding Dresses!

Your Complete Guide to Pakistani Wedding Dresses!

Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Our designers are known for their gorgeous Pakistani bridal dresses all around the globe. These simple wedding dresses portray the unique customs and diverse cultures correlated to weddings and the rituals. In addition to the usual yet most essential events of Baraat and Walima, weddings here in Pakistan consist of a series of pre-wedding events, including Maayoun and Mehndi.

Before Getting Started

Pre-wedding events, unlike their names, are still a very aspect of the wedding itself. These are a part of the tradition and demonstrate love and positive, warm vibes among the bride's and groom's families. With time, new events have been added to pre-wedding events among the upper-middle and elite class families. The most popular amongst the newly added events are Shendi and Shalima, causing an equal stir in the country.

The New Events

Foreigners are very interested in knowing whether Shendi and Shalima are a part of the Pakistani culture or are just trending. Well, the decision is always up to the couple and their families. We think these new events are just another excuse to spend some more time and have more fun with the loved ones on the occasions, as the new generations couldn't care less about customs and traditions.

Guide to Pakistani Wedding Dresses

All you could be concerned about is a list of simple yet mind-boggling questions: What will you wear to all these events? Where are you going to get your Pakistani bridal dresses from? In that case, here's a detailed guide that'll help you figure out what Pakistani wedding dresses to wear to each of the events mentioned above, including bridal dresses for barat, simple wedding dresses, and more.. Keep reading if you want to slay and stand out from everybody else at your loved ones' wedding.

What You Need to Know About Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistani wedding dresses portray the country's diverse culture and traditions while being beautifully unique. These fancy gowns incorporate vibrant colours and sparkly embellishments with stunning designs and marvellous accessories.

A Pakistani wedding is an ultimate celebration that typically consists of a series of events, one at a day. The bride and everybody else is expected to wear different dresses each day for the guests to admire.

Greens and yellows are worn during Mehendi and Maayoun. Reds are preferred on Baraat, and lighter shades are worn at Walima. When it comes to make-up, it's fancy and pretty yet not over the top. Things are preferred to be kept relatively simple before the main event: Baraat. While you can always go for simple wedding dresses, but when it comes to Barat dress for bride, no one goes for a simple dress.

Types of Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistani culture is influenced by the religion of Islam. Therefore, the traditions have a distinct level of humbleness to them but are nothing short of gorgeous. With intricate detailing on vibrant shades of luxurious fabric, Pakistani wedding dresses are to be admired for their creativity and deep roots in history.

Here's an extensive list of types of designer wedding dresses for you to wear at your loved ones' wedding.

Angrakha Style Frocks

Angrakha style frocks are a highly adaptable form of traditional outfits usually worn at Mehendi. These dresses are the type of outfits that can never go out of style and trend. It's a combination of both Pakistani and Indian cultures. These can never mess you up, no matter what the event is.

The key features of an angrakha style frock include a long tassel running down the detailed embroidery. Adding more embellishments or thread work is entirely up to you. Brands like Daud Abbas have introduced angrakha style frocks in their latest collections of Pakistani bridal dresses.

Pishwas Style Frocks

Pishwas-style dresses are one of the most elegant and traditional Pakistani wedding dresses. The style has been popular for many years and has been adopted by almost all popular models and actors.

The best part of pishwas-style dresses is that there are no limits to the type of fabrics or accessories and embellishments used. The end product looks just as good regardless of the fabric used.

Gharara Style

A sharara or a gharara is a famous lucknow outfit that is a pair of wide-legged pants that drop on the knees. It is a must-have outfit for weddings as it is very versatile. Gharara pants may be worn with a peplum-style dress or a plain shirt. Regardless of what you wear with it, you will have a stylish and striking appearance.

Lehenga Choli

Lehenga choli can never go out of trend. It is our favorite type of Pakistani wedding dress. Lehenga choli makes you stand out and become the center of attention while making you feel like the princess you are while twirling.

Gold Glam

Many famous brands like Daud Abbas have added a golden shine to their wedding dress collections. It can be combined with other hues to make your golden wedding outfit look even more gorgeous. Golden shade works with almost all kinds of the designs mentioned above. Be it a gharara or a lehenga choli; a little golden makes everything perfect.

Are There Budget Designer Wedding Dresses Available?

Clothes overall portray your personality to the viewer. The bride is the main focus of the wedding and is expected to dress accordingly. It is a common tradition worldwide for the bride to look her best self during the most significant event of her life. This the answer to this question is simple.

You can get budget designer wedding dresses in Pakistan from brands like Daud Abbas. Your options would include bridal dresses for barat, simple wedding dresses, and barat dress for bride. Let’s take a look at what Daud Abbas has for you in stores.

Daud Abbas Collection

In Pakistani weddings, the entire look boils down to the barat dress for bride more than anything else. The creative designers of the region have eventually developed a skill in creating art pieces full of embroideries and embellishments. But just as it sounds, these dresses cost the families a fortune. In this case, designer brands like Daud Abbas are there for us.

Daud Abbas offers affordable, yet gorgeous Pakistani wedding dresses that help their bridals stand out and look their most gorgeous self.

The Top 3 Wedding Dresses in 2022

Our top favorites from Duad Abbas Dayar-e-Ishq bridal dresses 2022 collection are listed below:


A timeless silhouette Marjjan Vibrant Pink is featured with Resham detail. Stones, pearls, beads, and cut Dana embellish the embroidery. This stunning combination is completed with an embroidered net dupatta with jamawar detailing and pearls.


Almas, a big embroidered net saree in a fantastic outfit. This opulent costume is embellished with glistening thread and zardozi work and crystals, and Sitara work. The pallu and borders have a thicker wrought pallu.


The best barat dress for bride would be Zammurd. In a striking emerald green, an attractive combination of classic cutlines. This outfit includes a fully embroidered shirt with an additional Hem patch made of pearls, sequins, ferozi beads, and diamantes and matching trousers and dupatta with ornate borders.

How to Buy from Daud Abbas?

Daud Abbas offers their exclusive, Pakistani bridal dresses Dayar-e-Ishq collection online and in stores for buyers. They have their stores all over the country. Moreover, offshore buyers can access their group through their online store for bridal dresses 2022.  

Key Takeaway

Pakistani designers are famous for their bridal dresses 2022. These wedding outfits reflect wedding customs and culture. Weddings in Pakistan include Maayoun and Mehendi in addition to Baraat and Walima.

Pre-wedding events are part of the wedding despite their name. Both are traditional and show the love between the bride's and groom's families. With time, upper-middle and elite-class families have added new pre-wedding events. Shendi and Shalima are the most popular newly introduced events.

Foreigners want to know if Shendi and Shalima are traditional or trendy. The couple and their families decide on the wedding. New generations couldn't care less about customs and traditions. Therefore we think these recent events are merely an opportunity to spend more time and have more fun with loved ones.

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