Your Simple Guide To Buy Luxury Formal Dresses in 2022

Your Simple Guide To Buy Luxury Formal Dresses in 2022

Women Wedding Suits

A lot of variety in women’s bridal suits has made it difficult to shop for the perfect one. However, when you have found the right attire, you will feel like a princess in it. It will be comfortable and enhance your beautiful features and make you pleased to show it off. So, wisely choose a dress for your upcoming night wedding party to look gorgeous. Here, we have expert tips for your wedding attires to help you find the appropriate ladies' suit for weddings.

Things to consider For Women's Wedding Dresses 

First, you should confirm that the dress you choose is comfortable and versatile for multiple events. Here, we have mentioned a few tips that you should consider while browsing wedding dress suits for ladies.

Prioritize Good Designer Collection

No doubt, you may find cheap dresses from local shops, but you will trade off the quality of the design to save money. Women's bridal suits designed by experienced designers are mostly more quality and design. These dresses are made to manifest the best fabric. So, the extra price you invest in a designer dress is worth it. If the price tag is your main concern, you can select from the sales and discount section or look out for shops that offer sales on their designer collections.

Here is an example of a dress from the daudabbas Collection. It features magnificent designer maxis manifesting the latest trends of fashion.

Choose a Dress Color That Complements Your Skin's Undertones.

No matter which skin color you possess, undertones are classified as neutral, cool and warm. Once you can identify your skin undertones, you will be able to select the appropriate colors for yourself and opt for a party dress that complements your skin.

We have some tips that you should keep in mind when you are going to select a wedding dress for yourself.

  • For warm undertones, you must select deep purple, ivory, peach, and orange-red colors.
  • Shades of magenta, blue-green, blue, navy, pink, and purple are appropriate for girls possessing cool undertones.
  • If your skin undertones are neutral, you may put on any color. So, choose medium colors rather than going with dark or light shades.

Select the Right Fabric

The natural flow of the fabric and how it wraps your body will impact your overall appearance. At the same time, some stuff like cotton and organza are rigid and crisp, while others like chiffon and grip are soft and flow gently. So, the fabric you select for your maxi should be appropriate for your body frame and height. But if you are slim, the fabric that holds on to you can make you look thinner. Similarly, if you are fatty, a stiff fabric will give more bulk to a dress and may add extra pounds to your appearance. So, make a gentle choice when the material is your concern. How a fabric is layered, along with other elements, affects your dress's overall look. Since you will mostly use this dress more than once, please find the proper ways for its care and cleaning. Some materials, such as silk, will need extra care, and you must dry clean it to maintain its freshness.

This chiffon dress with shimmery tila embroidery is a good choice for functions in spring and summer because its fabric is soft, breathable and lightweight. It also needs low maintenance, making it an ideal dress for a woman who doesn't want to spend much money on its cleaning.

Consider Your Budget

Before going shopping, estimating the maximum amount you will spend on your wedding dress is of utmost importance. It will help you narrow down your options and help you find an appropriate dress in your limited range. Evening gowns are mostly expensive. However, If it is composed of unique color and timeless style, you may get multiple benefits. So, it is worth spending more on quality than quantity because it will last longer and look fresh. Moreover, search the sales section for budget-friendly women’s formal suits. Also, be aware of shopping in the sale season when prices are at their lowest. 

Check out our clearance section and sales on Daudabbas for our latest best discount offers on wedding dresses. 

Consider Your Body Shape

It is the major factor you must consider in finding an attire that will look perfect on you. For best looks, you should choose ladies' suits for the wedding party that adds your best body aspects while hiding the less desirable features. You must first evaluate your body shape to find the fitting chart for your body frame. So, here will guide you in determining which category you fall into. In short, most women fall into one of these categories:

1-Apple-shaped: The shoulders and upper part are wider than the lower part of the legs and hips.

2- Pear shape: The lower half part of the body is more defined from the waist, bust and hips.

3- Hourglass: The chest and hips are in the same proportion and separated by a well-defined calendrical waistline

4:- Rectangular: Overall the frame is slender with no noticeable curves.

5- Petite: The height is not more than 5.4, have a well-defined hip and chest region

Depending on your category, you may find appropriate options in dresses in our article. Wearing a dress that fits your body frame, you look and feel confident and attractive too. Specific dresses, like A-line shirts and V-necklines, are commonly flattering and are appropriate for most body shapes. If you are unsure about your body frame, opt for these universal styles.

This long maxi is the best suit for new brides from the Daudabbas dress collection, a safe bet in size, color and style.

Best Pakistani Women's Wedding Suits

Ladies' suits for a wedding party, such as maxi and lehenga, are the best options when celebrating a wedding. These are famous for their skillful designed patterns and detailed designs. These are best for dressing up or down as they can be coupled with any shoe and accessories to enhance your look. So if you want something decent to opt for at your next wedding event, check out these beautiful dresses.

 1- Chiffon, Organza and Masori Shalwar Kameez

It is the most commonly used national dress worn by every woman in Pakistan. It is perfect for any wedding event. It can be made of cotton, net, jamawar, organza, lawn, khadar and linen fabrics. But it is specially made from chiffon, organza, net, masori, jamawar, and grip fabrics that come in different colors like blue, black, green and white. If you have confusion about what you should wear, the shalwar kameez is the best choice because you always feel comfortable and perfect.

 2- A Full-Length embroidered dress Lehnga with beads

This dress is commonly worn by girls at the mehndi function, while brides must wear it on their special day. So, always look for an embroidered lehenga as your priority for women’s bridal suits.

3- Lightly Embroided Long Maxi

This eye-catching Pakistani dress is perfect for girls at Barat and reception functions, while brides wear it at reception ceremonies. It is a decent stitching style of fabric that hangs below or above the knee and is commonly designed with intricate designs.

Where to Buy Women’s Bridal Suits?

We have the best options for you if you want to purchase wedding dresses to update your wardrobe. Our best-recommended option is Daudabbas for wedding dress shopping. It is a perfect place to shop for party wear in Pakistan. It is even suitable if you are searching for a budget-friendly option. This website owns a wide range of wedding cloth. With reasonable prices, cash on delivery, and an easy return policy, you will be unable to resist yourself to shop from Daud Abbas.


Always consider your body shape, skin tone, fabric, color and quality before selecting a wedding dress. Also, consider the weather condition, location, and nature of the event. Fine chiffon dresses with light thread embroidery for summer and spring weddings are easy to carry and lightweight. Similarly, organza, masori, velvet and jamawar dresses with heavy embroidery are the best women's wedding suits for winter.
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